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The evaluation board - EB1 simulates the final IC solution by means of an FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) and other standard components. Although there are only 8 connections to the electronics to simulate an 8-pin IC, the board is provided with a heavy duty, 20 A, 26-position clamp row, which is able to accept flexible conductors with ferrules with plastic sleeve up to 2.5 mm2 and rigid conductors up to 4 mm2. The many poles makes it very easy to make experiments as it is usually not necessary to connect more conductors in the same clamp. The module can be connected directly to for example LED's, opto couplers and solid-state relays and even to most RS-232 ports (with a triggering level of approximately 1.5 V above ground). You can also screw NPN or N-channel TO-220 and TO-218 power transistors directly into the clamp row and in this way drive loads up to 10 A, and there is an extra output clamp (OxA) for the collector or drain connection to the load so that not even in this case, you need more conductors in the same clamp. The module also has a programming connector, which can be connected to a USB port by means of a Microsemi (previously Actel) FlashPro3 programmer. This makes it simple and cheap to download new firmware versions as they become available on this page.

The evaluation board comply with Annex A of the Max-i specification except that it does not have transistors, which can detect that the outputs are pulled above L+. It is therefore not able to drive medium power LED's by means of a single coil and an optional capacitor as shown on fig. A.3.


Test Software

From the menu point "Test Program", you can download a small program with VB.NET source code, which makes it easy to test your application and set the various attributes by means of a simple RS-232 connection (with automatic flow control and break detection/generation).


How to Order

The price of the evaluation board is 995 DKK corresponding to approximately $166 (USD) plus VAT and shipment in quantities of 1-10. For bigger quantities, contact Innovatic.

To order evaluation boards, please send an e-mail with contact information and all necessary consignee and billing addresses to Innovatic.

This page is updated January 13th 2012